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2019 Summer Programme starts on 1st May

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13th October
History of Railway Signalling Control Centre Development
Ian Mitchell
At the end of the 19th century there were over 10,000 signal boxes controlling the railways in the UK using lever frames mechanically linked to points and signals. The introduction of electrical technology allowed larger areas to be controlled from a smaller number of locations. This talk will describe how the method of control evolved during the 20th century from levers to push buttons to computer workstations. Ian Mitchell worked on some of these developments at British Rail’s research department and its privatised successor.
14th October
EMIAC 93 - Engineered in Northampton
The programme looks at three Northampton-based companies in the engineering sector from three diff erent centuries. Nineteenth century iron founder EH Barwell’s products can still be found in southern England. In the twentieth century the Express Lift Company’s lift s were to be found across the world and their innovative testing tower is once again being used for development work. Alongside their train care facility, Siemens have recently opened a new training facility for the railway engineers of the 21st century. Contact the organisers direct - see the EMIAC page.
10th November
NIAG Annual General Meeting
this will be followed at approximately 7.45 pm by
History and Renovation of Wicksteed Park
Tracey Clarke
Charles Wicksteed developed his play park at Kettering in the 1920s, with its novel playground equipment, its lakeside railway and its water chute (recently listed by Historic England). This talk will tell the history of the park from the time Charles Wicksteed came to Kettering and will include recent developments to modernise the park as well as future plans.
1st December
Roger Brown
As we approach the festive period, what better reminder of our childhood than a talk on toys by Roger Brown from Cogenhoe who had a career in the toy industry. His visual aids will be a tableful of toys from the past, many familiar, some not so, including one or two made in Northamptonshire.
12th January
Members' Evening
Our annual presentation by members of NIAG will as usual cover a diverse range of topics. There should be something to suit everyone! Members wishing to make a contribution are invited to contact Peter Perkins beforehand.
9th February
History and Operation of Steam Trams 1880-1926
Tony Taylor
The first attempts to adapt street (i.e. horse) trams to steam power occurred in both Britain and abroad in the 1850s but the railway acts were not amended to allow such vehicles to operate on public roads in the UK till the early 1880s. By the 1890s 563 steam powered trams were registered in Britain on 51 different routes. However few survived beyond World War 1 and the last to operate a regular service was the Stony Stratford & Wolverton tram in 1926. Our talk will look at history and development of this now almost forgotten mode of transport in Britain and elsewhere and the particular history of the Stony Stratford tram.
9th March
All Change at King's Cross and St Pancras
Terry Waterfield
NIAG has had three visits to look at the changes that have been, and still are, taking place to redevelop the former goods yards and surrounding areas of these two London railway stations.  This illustrated presentation will describe the loss or reuse of transport infrastructure and the progress to date in bringing new business and dwellings to the area.

Summer Programme

The Committee has organised a number of walks and visits during the summer months catering for all interests and abilities.

Unless stated otherwise these meetings take place on a Friday evening starting at 7:30 pm. Members should contact the appropriate organiser for any last minute changes to the arrangements.

We also welcome non-members who are interested in joining us on any of the walks or visits. Anyone intending to take part in these events should contact the Secretary to obtain further details.

Since most walks involve field footpaths, members and visitors should wear appropriate footwear.

NIAG gives formal notice that it makes arrangements for these events as Agents on behalf of each member attending and that no liability can be accepted by the Group for any injury, loss or inconvenience caused to any member in consequence of the event.


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Winter Programme

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