Events Programme

2018/19 Winter Programme starts on 12th October: History of Brickmaking in Bedfordshire

Winter Programme 2018/19


12th October
History of Brickmaking in Bedfordshire
Alan Cox
The forest of chimneys and vast clay pits of Bedfordshire were testament to a brick industry far exceeding that of the parish brickyards of Northamptonshire.  Alan Cox of the British Brick Society will explain the development and decline of that industry.
9th November
NIAG Annual General Meeting
this will be followed at approximately 7.45 pm by
Roger Brown
Roger from Cogenhoe, who had a career in the toy industry, will give a talk on some of the toys we remember from our childhood.  His visual aids will be a tableful of toys from the past, many familiar, some not so, including one or two made in Northamptonshire. (Postponed from last winter due to illness.)
7th December
The Ups an d Downs of San Francisco's Street Cars
Les Barras
The story of the oldest established transport system in San Francisco, California, USA.  After a review of the various types of transport in the Bay area – modern buses, 'bendy' buses, old trams and the famous Street Cars – we take a journey through time to look at the cable cars’ working environment, how it works and how it is maintained.  It is still in use every day for commuters and the thousands of visitors to the city.
11th January
Members' Evening
Our annual presentation by members of NIAG will as usual cover a diverse range of topics.  There should be something to suit everyone! Members wishing to make a contribution are invited to contact Peter Perkins beforehand.
8th February
Desborough Industrial and Provident Co-operative Society
Mike Stroud
Founded in 1863, within 50 years Desborough Co-op had become the largest Co-operative Society in the country when measured by members per head of population.  It was diverse in its enterprises which included corset making and iron ore quarrying, and worked in close cooperation with the Co-op Wholesale Society.  This talk gives an insight into the first 50 years of the Society and why it was needed in the town.
8th March
The Edge Hill Light Railway
Mark Reader
Subtitled 'In the steps of Eric Tonks' (whose book carries still the most comprehensive written account of the railway), this talk by Mark Reader of the Industrial Railway Society recalls the planning, construction, closure and demise of this former ironstone railway near Banbury, visited some 12 years ago by NIAG.  It includes images of the line as it was and how the site looks today.

Winter Programme

The Committee has organised a number of talks for the winter months catering for a wide range of interests.

These meetings will be held on a Friday evening in the Garden Room at St Matthews Church Hall, off Kettering Road Northampton (car park entrance in The Drive). Meetings commence at 7.30 pm and are free to NIAG members.

We welcome visitors to all our meetings; there is a charge of £2.00 per person per meeting.

Potential new members are always welcome at any of these meetings when you can join on the night.


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Summer Programme

Details of the Summer Programme will be available in the new year (April).


Archived summer programmes

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