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11th October
History of the GEC Works in Rugby
Alaine Foote
Alain’s talk will be an overview of the history of the electrical engineering industry in Rugby, just over the border in Warwickshire. It will cover the two main sites in Rugby, the Willans Works constructed in 1899 which later became English Electric and the British Thompson Houston works, later AEI. Both of these ultimately became part of GEC.
8th November
NIAG Annual General Meeting
this will be followed at approximately 7.45 pm by
Where there's a Mill there's a Way
Change of topic and speaker
Matthew Nayler
Milton Keynes Development Corporation managed to spend 24 years restoring Bradwell Windmill yet never got it back into working order. Hopefully, by the time Matthew gives this talk, Milton Keynes Council will have just completed the task with a £140k programme of work to get ‘Brad'll’ milling again after a gap of 137 years. If so, the really difficult work will be about to begin: navigating the regulatory hurdles in the way of actually being able to sell its flour.
6th December
Appreciating Street Furniture
Phil Deakinn
We often take for granted the street furniture we see in the urban environment but they are all products of industries past and present and fulfil (or once fulfilled) a useful purpose. Phil Deakin will give an illustrated talk on the range of street furniture which can be seen around the country.
10th January
Members' Evening
Our annual presentation by members of NIAG will as usual cover a diverse range of topics. There should be something to suit everyone! Members wishing to make a contribution are invited to contact Peter Perkins beforehand.
14th February
Powering the Nation from your Rubbish Bin
Change of topic and speaker
Dr Adam Read & Kathryn Warren
The UK’s waste bins contain a variety of discarded and unwanted materials with the potential to power the nation well into the 21st century. With increasing demands for renewable energy and a drive for green waste management solutions, energy generation from our residual wastes are now a cornerstone of environmental policy and practice. The presenters, from Ricardo-AEA, a global sustainability consultancy, will consider how technologies (old and new) are being used to harness and release this energy to solve modern social and urban problems.
14th March
The Lloyds of Corby
Steve Purcell
Lloyds Ironstone Company was the forerunner of Stewarts & Lloyds who built their integrated steel works at Corby in the 1930s. Steve Purcell who was an apprentice at the steelworks before it closed in 1980, will tell the story of the Lloyd family and the innovations Samuel Lloyd and his son made in ironstone quarrying in the 1880s, before going on to build Corby’s first blast furnaces in 1910.

Summer Programme

The Committee has organised a number of walks and visits during the summer months catering for all interests and abilities.

Unless stated otherwise these meetings take place on a Friday evening starting at 7:30 pm. Members should contact the appropriate organiser for any last minute changes to the arrangements.

We also welcome non-members who are interested in joining us on any of the walks or visits. Anyone intending to take part in these events should contact the Secretary to obtain further details.

Since most walks involve field footpaths, members and visitors should wear appropriate footwear.

NIAG gives formal notice that it makes arrangements for these events as Agents on behalf of each member attending and that no liability can be accepted by the Group for any injury, loss or inconvenience caused to any member in consequence of the event.


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Winter Programme

Details of the Winter Programme will be available later in the year (August/September).


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