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2019 Summer Programme starts on 1st May

Winter Programme 2015/16


9th October
Spitfires over Castle Bromwich
Mike Gibson
In 1938 construction started on a new aircraft factory at Castle Bromwich to build Spitfires. Later on, Lancaster bombers were also manufactured there. This well-illustrated presentation will look at work in the factory and how it was organised.
13th November
NIAG Annual General Meeting
this will be followed at approximately 7.45 pm by
The Restoration of Wooden Canal Boats
Peter Boyce
Peter Boyce will describe his restoration work with particular reference to three on-going projects: a motor narrow boat built by FMC at Uxbridge in 1948, a wooden butty built by Nursers at Braunston in 1951 and a tug built by Joe Worsey at Birmingham in 1946.
4th December
Mind the Gap!
Jason Cross
Jason Cross takes a look at the London Underground, including the history of the system, how it operates, the buildings and the trains. There are several behind-the-scenes views, and also a feature on a typical 24 hours in the life of the system.
8th January
Members' Evening
Our annual presentation by members of NIAG will as usual cover a diverse range of topics. There should be something to suit everyone! Members wishing to make a contribution are invited to contact Peter Perkins beforehand.
12th February
London Shoe Manufacturers in Northampton
Peter Perkins
Northamptonshire became the most important centre of boot & shoe manufacturing in the UK during the 19th century, so much so that a number of London shoe manufacturers opened factories in Northampton. In this talk we consider why this was and look at the history of some of the companies involved.
11th March
Renewable Energy - Where does our electricity come from?
Emma Rafaluk
Taking a topical slant on one of our major public utilities, this talk looks at how the UK sources electricity, how the National Grid works and assesses the present demands on it. Emma, who works in the renewable energy industry, will also consider the options for meeting energy demands in the coming years.

Summer Programme

The Committee has organised a number of walks and visits during the summer months catering for all interests and abilities.

Unless stated otherwise these meetings take place on a Friday evening starting at 7:30 pm. Members should contact the appropriate organiser for any last minute changes to the arrangements.

We also welcome non-members who are interested in joining us on any of the walks or visits. Anyone intending to take part in these events should contact the Secretary to obtain further details.

Since most walks involve field footpaths, members and visitors should wear appropriate footwear.

NIAG gives formal notice that it makes arrangements for these events as Agents on behalf of each member attending and that no liability can be accepted by the Group for any injury, loss or inconvenience caused to any member in consequence of the event.


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Winter Programme

Details of the Winter Programme will be available later in the year (August/September).


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