Events Programme

2020 Summer Programme cancelled

Summer Programme 2016



6th  NPS Shoes factory visit : SP 909628 - pre-booking essential.

13th  DS Smith Plastics Foam Products factory visit : SP 721631 -
              pre-booking essential.

Sat 14th  EMIAC - contact the organisers direct, details on the EMIAC page.

Wed 18th  Braunston boatyard : SP 533660 - pre-booking required.

27th  Woodford ironstone walk : SP 966772.


Sun 5th  Wortley Top Forge, South Yorkshire : SK 294998 - pre-booking

Sat 11th  Railtour.

17th  Charcoal burning, Pipewell : SP 841862.

24th  Blisworth tunnel boat trip : SP 743499 - pre-booking required.


1st  Kettering town walk : SP 868795.

8th  Rushden boot & shoe walk, Part 3 : SP 957668.

Sat 16th  Kings Cross & St Pancras, London walk : Meeting Place, St Pancras.

Sun 24th  Frogmore paper mill : TL 058055 - pre-booking essential.

Sun 31st  Stamford town walk : TF 029068.


Thur 1st  Leighton Buzzard Narrow Gauge Railway : SP 928242 - pre-booking

Summer Programme

The Committee has organised a number of walks and visits during the summer months catering for all interests and abilities.

Unless stated otherwise these meetings take place on a Friday evening starting at 7:30 pm. Members should contact the appropriate organiser for any last minute changes to the arrangements.

We also welcome non-members who are interested in joining us on any of the walks or visits. Anyone intending to take part in these events should contact the Secretary to obtain further details.

Since most walks involve field footpaths, members and visitors should wear appropriate footwear.

NIAG gives formal notice that it makes arrangements for these events as Agents on behalf of each member attending and that no liability can be accepted by the Group for any injury, loss or inconvenience caused to any member in consequence of the event.


Archived summer programmes

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Winter Programme

Details of the Winter Programme will be available later in the year (August/September).


Archived winter programmes

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