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A raised spiral being forged in a steel bar

©Terry Waterfield 2017

Issue 143,  Summer 2017

  • BALH Newsletter of the Year Award
  • EMIAC at Lincoln - November 2016
  • Winter Talks 2016/17:
    • Textile manufacturing in 18th century Northampton or Chuck out the Chintz
    • Foxton Locks and the Inclined Plane
    • A Trip down Memory Lane
    • Members' Evening
  • Updates:
    • Delapre Abbey
  • Miscellany of Items of Interest:
    • Gotthard Tunnel: The world's longest and deepest rail tunnel opens in Switzerland
    • The world's longest rail tunnel begins reguular service in Switzerland
    • Norway to build first tunnel for shipping
    • Thames to get a £5bn car tunnel
    • Full steam ahead for Tornado
  • News from around the County
    • Loss of Wellingborough railway bridge
    • Sixty years on, slate miners return to roof their village
    • The demise of Oliver Adams, Bakers after 150 years
    • Ironmonger twins to close workshop - Slatter & Sons, Northampton
  • Of this and that including:
    • Obituary: Ray Grimes - 1923-2017
    • EMIAC 93 - Engineered in Northampton
  • Winter Talks 2017/18
  • Dates for the Diary
  • Exhibitions
  • And Finally