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The railway bridge at Blisworth showing the original cast iron structure

©Jane Waterfield 2016


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Issue 141,  Winter 2017

  • Summer Walks and Visits of 2016 continued
    • Wioodford Ironstone walk
    • Rail Tour 2016
    • Coppicing and Charcoal burning at Rawshaw Wood
    • Blisworth Tunnel boat trip
    • Kettering walk
  • J. Sears & Co 'True Form' Boot and Shoe Factory
  • Updates:
    • Leatherworks set to open by summer of 2018
    • The Vulcan works planning application now submitted
    • Canal Consultation now launches - Daventry
    • Northgate Bus Station, Northampton
      • 1. Pollution in and around
      • 2. Illegal levels of fumes began as the bus station opened
    • Former Gas building to be council house office HQ
  • Miscellany of Items of Interest:
    • York Heritage Group hits out over tower plan
    • Medieval wreck is saved for the nation
    • London Transport Museum
    • DNA reveals Crossrail skeletons were victims of London's 1665 plague
    • Platform rediscovered on the Leicester & Swannington Railway
    • Storms reveal hidden 2ft gauge railway
    • County issues:
      • Nameplate 'Pitsford' sells for £3,000
      • Canal to get new lock gates
      • Northampton Castle site - 1 and 2
  • Of this and that including:
    • 2016 AGM matters
    • NIAG's website
    • Winter programme and Dates for the diary
    • Exhibition
    • Test your knowledge: A fun quiz
  • And Finally:
    • What's in a name
    • Shock in a sack of potatoes


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