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The new Northampton railway station

©Jane Waterfield 2015


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Issue 134,  Spring 2015

  • Industrial Archaeology & Industrial Heritage
  • Summer Walks and Visits 2014:
    • King's Cross and St Pancras: Part 2
    • Models of 18th century steam engines
  • Winter Talks 2014/15:
    • Grimsby Ice Factory
    • The Northampton to Peterborough Line Remembered
  • Updates:
    • Timsons - the end of an era
    • Greyfriars Bus Station stripped bare
  • Miscellany of Items of Interest:
    • Rothwell Church visit
    • Northampton Corporation Daimler Bus: Part 1
    • Longtown weekends remembered
    • Rail Academy 'boost' to economic future
    • Horace Lampard Batten - in memory of
    • Braunston Canal
    • St James, Northampton may get a new power station
    • Dambusters artefacts sold
    • Vulcan Works plans go-ahead
  • Of this and that including:
    • Northampton Castle Station
    • NIAG publications
    • Food for thought - Where is the world's largest reservoir
  • Dates for the diary
  • And Finally


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