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Circular knitting machine seen at the Frame Knitters Museum, Ruddington

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Issue 128,  Autumn 2013

  • Winter Programme 2012/13:
    • Understanding the Workplace: Archaeology and Industrialisation
    • Restoration of the Iron Trunk Aqueduct at Cosgrove
  • Summer Walks and Visits 2013:
    • Siemens Locomotive Depot, Northampton
    • 2013 Rail Tour
    • Borough Hill, Daventry
    • Ringstead walk
    • Framework Knitting Museum, Ruddington & Shardlow
  • News items and updates:
    • The Northampton Gasholders
    • Raunds walk
    • Chester Farm's £4m cash win
    • Northampton Castle - finger bone find
    • Northampton's Railway Station
  • Miscellany of Items of Interest:
    • Phipps Brewery on its way back to Northampton
    • Bus firm pulls out of Northampton's town service
    • Bus station - Church's to the rescue
    • Test pits draw a blank under proposed new hotel
    • Historic building is saved - St Edmund's Hospital, Northampton
  • Of this and that including:
    • Obituary: Terry Green
    • Refreshments
    • Committee member
    • Do you know what happened to? - Stewarts & Lloyds of Corby
  • And Finally


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