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Caley's Mill, Heacham, Norfolk illustrating the use of carstone

©Peter Perkins 2010

Issue 118,  Spring 2011

  • Reports of winter talks 2010/11:
    • Pitsford Ironstone Quarry
    • A Building History of the English Power Station
    • Watermills along the Nene
    • Members' Evening:
      • Shimla to Kalka Light Railway, India
      • An Early Caribbean Mill Complex
      • Carstone in Norfolk
  • NIAG Summer Rail Tour
  • Miscellany of Items of Interest:
    • Aqueduct bicentenary - Restoration of
    • Luftwaffe photograph reveals lost garden
    • Plans to excavate World War II Fighter
    • German bomber remains recovery
    • Night Mail Museum for NVR
    • BBC Show - Turn Back Time, The High Street
    • Oxford University Press
    • Industrial Heritage & Risk - English Heritage
    • Nene Valley moves for 2011
    • Telford's £1 bridge
    • Bank Tube station
  • Of this and that including:
    • Dates for the Diary, TV, Exhibitions
  • Finally